Financial Management: Theory & Practice [Book]

Business / Economics · Hardcover · Non-fiction · 1,200 page
1: An Overview of Financial Management and the Financial Environment. Web Extensions. 1A: An Overview of Derivatives. 1B: A Closer Look at the Stock Markets. 2: Financial Statements, Cash Flow, and Taxes. Web Extensions. 2A: The Federal Income Tax System for Individuals. 3: Analysis of Financial Statements. 4: Time Value of Money. Web Extensions. 4A: The Tabular Approach. 4B: Derivation of Annuity Formulas. 4C: Continuous Compounding. 5: Bonds, Bond Valuation, and Interest Rates. Web Extensions. 5A: A Closer Look at Zero Coupon Bonds. 5B: A Closer Look at TIPS: Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. 5C: A Closer Look at Bond Risk: Duration. 5D: The Pure Expectations Theory and Estimation of Forward Rates. 6: Risk and Return. Web Extensions. 6A: Continuous Probability Distributions. 6B: Estimating Beta with a Financial Calculator. 7: Valuation of Stocks and Corporations. Web Extensions. 7A: Derivation of Valuation Equations. 8: Financial Options and Applications in Corporate Finance. 9: The Cost of Capital. Web Extensions. 9A: The Required Return Assuming Nonconstant Dividends and Stock. Repurchases. 10: Basics of Capital Budgeting: Evaluating Cash Flows. Web Extensions. 10A: The Accounting Rate of Return (ARR). 11: Cash Flow Estimation and Risk Analysis. Web Extensions. 11A: Certainty Equivalents and Risk-Adjusted Discount Rates. 12: Corporate Valuation and Financial Planning. 13: Corporate Governance. 14: Distributions to Shareholders: Dividends and Repurchases. 15: Capital Structure Decisions. Web Extensions15A: Degree of Leverage. 16: Supply Chains and Working Capital Management. Web Extensions. 16A: Secured Short-Term Financing. 17: Multinational Financial Management. 18: Public and Private Financing: Initial Offerings, Seasoned Offerings, and Investment Banks. Web Extensions. 18A: Rights Offerings. 19: Lease Financing. Web Extensions. 19A: Leasing Feedback. 19B: Percentage Cost Analysis. 19C: Leveraged Leases. 20: Hybrid Financing: Preferred Stock, Warrant


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AuthorEugene F. Brigham, Michael C. Ehrhardt
PublisherCengage Learning